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Canadian War Cemetery at Beny-sur-Mer.

Reg was finally laid to rest in March 1947 at the Canadian War Cemetery at Beny-sur-Mer.

Reviers is a village lying 18 kilometres east of Bayeux, 15 kilometres north west of Caen and 4 kilometres south of Courseulles-sur-Mer. The cemetery lies on the north side of the main road 1 kilometre east of Reviers.



The Allied offensive in north-western Europe began with the Normandy landings of 6 June 1944. Many of those buried in Beny-sur-Mer Canadian War Cemetery were men of the 3rd Canadian Division who died either on 6 June or during the early days of the advance towards Caen, when the Division engaged a German battle group formed from the 716th Division and the 21st Panzer Division. The cemetery contains 2,048 Second World War burials, the majority Canadian, and 19 of them unidentified.

Reg's Grave

The memorial at Noyers Bocage, France (erected 1994)

A memorial for the pilots killed in the Normandy battles


  [View the full history of the memorial]

Parts of Reggies plane continue to be discovered

On one of the many visits the to crash site, 28th June 1990, by his Daughter Helen Ann (nee Baker) Crassweller, Gilbert Rouzin had found another part of the plane, one of the cannons. Gilbert was expecting Dennis Crassweller (second husband of Helen) to take the cannon back to England in the back of his estate car. Not a chance with it weighing about a ton. It now lives in the Bayeux Memorial Museum, Bayeux.








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Victory Fighters: The Veterans' Story - Winning the Battle for Supremacy in the Skies Over Western Europe, 1941-1945
By Stephen Darlow

Victory Fighters is largely a collection of eye-witness accounts of the struggle that raged in the skies over occupied Europe after the Battle of Britain. Reg Baker is one of the six featured pilots.

Stephen Darlow has been a major support and contributor to this website do please visit the website of this excellent Military Aviation author.




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