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Reg joined the RAF in 1937 leaving his teaching post at Park Junior Mixed School


Joining the RAF

In December 1937 Reg pursued a career change but was frustrated by just failing to get into the Hendon Police College

Nevertheless, undaunted Reg still sought service life and he obtained a commission with the RAF. Commissioned as an acting pilot officer on 7 May 1938

He would describe his life on the squadron prior to the war as

A simple life, not exhausting either physically or mentally and yet strangely satisfying a life which we later on look back upon and wonder. We were not unhappy in our lot, we had all felt for sometime that war was at hand, we knew it had to be if the things we believed in were to be preserved.

Photo of a young Reggie from a group at the Flying Boat Training School.
(courtesy John Evans - Pembroke Dock Sunderland Trust)


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